Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Get Hosed

A church congregation in Los Angeles recently held a "mass baptism" by spraying folks in the street with water hoses. Interesting.

From the L.A. Times - Fire hoses were used in the street, said Pastor Wilbert Swaringer, because Los Angeles does not have access to the river Jordan, where the faithful believe Jesus was baptized. When asked about the Los Angeles River, Swaringer looked alarmed and said he had not considered that. Swaringer said church leaders found resonance in the symbolism of the hoses. During the civil rights era, hoses were used "to fight people." But now, he said, "we are using the hose for healing." All members of the church were encouraged to take part, even those who had already been baptized. Community members were also invited, as were members from congregations around the country. [Full Article]

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