Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Haiku is the New Road Game

I am in Kentucky visiting friends and family. My wife and son flew. I drove. What better way to pass the last 350 miles of my 10-hour road trip than to bust out some haiku? Enjoy.

Ode to Haiku
This is better than
Iambic pentameter.
It is a haiku.

Dave Whitfield, I was
Pulled over by a cop while
Listening to you.

Okay, I told you
A lie, but I was afraid
It would become true.

After all, maybe
Ninety-five in a sixty-
Five is not so good.

An Inconvenient Truitt
Truitt, will you go
To Texas and leave us with
Just your empty cube?

Ode to a Windshield
Dear windshield, thank you
For saving me from like a
Hundred million bugs.

To My Unborn Childe
Mom sure is mad you
Kick her bladder so much, but
It's cool. Get here soon.

Trey McInnis
You were my best friend
In high school. Are you really
A Catholic priest?

Cursing Out Loud
I missed my exit
While writing down this stupid
Haiku poetry.

I love how your eyes
Show me the deep parts of your
soul. And also mine.

Six Hundred Three Miles
My wife took a plane
And I chose to drive a car.
Why why why why why?

You have a willing
Heart but you are afraid of
Something I can't see.

Mom and Dad, now I
Am a parent like you are.
Will I do as well?

To Allie
You are the only
Jewish person that I know
Who knows about Jews.

Sister Jak
You'll be a great kid,
I think. Your mom and dad are
Way cool. Wait and see.

To Caleb
I wish you could stay
In your world longer. My world
Is not quite as fun.

Your lens is so good.
I wish my kung fu was as
Good as your photos.

Maybe we will be
neighbors. I hope it is so.
Well, I think I do.

Kentucky, you are
Just how I left you.


Allie said...

Jason! I am so into these 'ku!

truitt said...

that sign says worship is from 11am until 7pm.

diddy said...

On your way back here
You should write some limericks
They are thrice as fun

The Traditional Plastic said...

your pastor also has two first names, like a one Ricky Bobby...

Anonymous said...

I am honered
by your haiku
I like you


Anonymous said...

Jason, FYI, my songs were never meant to encourage the reckless disobedience that you have displayed on the road--not only in speeding so aggressively, but also in writing haikus while driving.

Two suggestions: slow down and find a hands-free digital recorder to capture your musings while you drive. For the sake of the children, please.

your trusty sensei

vandorsten said...

allie - thanks!

truitt - it's true. they have long services there, apparently.

diddy - thrice as fun? i'm in.

Plastique - i will name my daughter Texas Ranger because you said that.

bpc - yar. si.

sensei - that's crazy talk. i didn't get my green belt by driving slow.

fabbie said...

Hola, Jason! que bueno saber de vos. Espero que estes bien. Necesitamos hablar pronto. Un abrazo para voy y toda tu familia. We really miss you guys down here. Peace,

vandorsten said...

Tio Fabian - asi es, chabon! que bueno encontrarte en el mundo blog. ja! un abrazo fuerte, amigazo - hablaremos pronto, no?

Anonymous said...

A long time ago my wife said to me, the most important job we will ever have in our life is raising our children and i beleived her....i also beleive you will excell at raising your children...dad