Thursday, May 03, 2007

Christ Killa

Now this is just plain silly. A digital video artist in L.A. has put together an installation-piece-slash-video-game called Christ Killa.

"Described as the ultimate arbitration between politics and Christianity, 'Christ Killa' is a video game linked to video projectors and television monitors. A first person shooter in which the player shoots hordes of homicidal Jesus Christs, the game landscape is filled with Googled images of Christian propaganda posters, religious shrines such as St. Peter's in Rome, and clich├ęd representations of Christ who constantly mumbles messages of tolerance and compassion. The audience is invited to participate in the carnage by playing the video game and watching short videos of the game in action." [HT: Bully Pulpit News]

As part of the installation, participants with the most Christ kills won trophies.

Interestingly, the gallery that hosted the showing (Niche.LA) appears to have recieved "numerous anti-Muslim and anti-homosexual complaints, including a death threat" and have closed the show due to "safety reasons." (screenshot from the gallery homepage)

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