Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thirty-Six Days Later :: part three

Continued from this post...

Time went on and things got better between me and my friend. Maybe they got worse first, and then better – but they did get better. I eventually began to learn the value and wisdom of opening up, communcating. I even discovered value (and enjoyment) in the art of conversation, be it deep or casual. My friend began to learn the disciplines of rest and silence. We had grown.

Eventually, we headed back to the States, both of us just a little wiser - just a little. Wounds healed. God gave us wives and jobs and seminary training and more dreams. Time has passed, but that strange seduction, the lure of the field, haunts me from the edges of my mind (my, how that field does beckon!) Time has passed, but I have never forgotten what my friend said. It still rings in my ears, my head, my heart. It remains a moment of still clarity in my life.

“Because I care more about your holiness than about your friendship.”

Not many people will ever say that to you. Even fewer will have weighed the deeper meaning therein and can say it with deep meaning. But if they do, you listen because that is a person who cares deeply for you - but even more deeply for Christ. That is a person of proper priority. That is a person who will take bullets for you, not simply for your own sake, but for the sake of displaying the greatness of the glory of the grace of God. That is a person who would have you walk well and humbly with Christ, despite yourself. That is a person who knows how to love you best, because they love Christ first. It is grace and truth spoken in eleven words, beautiful and terrible.

“Because I care more about your holiness than about your friendship.”

Those are not easy words to speak - and woe to the fool who should ever speak them flippantly, thoughtlessly. Say those words, and you'd better truly be willing to let go of that friendship for the greater sake of holiness. My friend was the first to ever speak them into my life. Other people have come into my life since and spoke those words, though not so much with their mouths, but certainly with their lives as they walk with me. Those individuals are blood of my blood, closer than brothers. And though I’ve yet to speak those words with my mouth, I hope my life says it back to each of them.

“Because I care more about your holiness than about your friendship.”



Oldhops said...

Hey man that was cool.

by the way, go check out my dads blog, the link is on my page. I think you two would have good discussions. And if anyone else is looking for a 3 minute devotional thought everyday, jump in.


van.diesel said...

nice. thanks man, i'll check it out... -jvd

Oldhops said...


I read it agian, money

samb said...

Jvd when are you gonna get that script to me?

Jeremy said...

hey man...

i dig i dig. its good to have padre and you speking good things into our lives.


Christy said...

I have had those words spoken to me, but only now do I realize what that meant. They are profound.

Seeker said...

Powerful words. Especially for prodigals, and the shallowly selfish. Like us.

Karyn said...

You verbalized something that has been with me since my very early days as a believer. I've always been afraid of the ramifications of living with holiness for selves and others as "the" priority. What I would have to change to make it so. What we gain is biggerr. Even if it weren't, not living that way is harder for me. I can't stand my selfishness, I can't stand living in between. I care about my holiness but I care about my wants? My needs? What I'm entitled too? I can't live for both. This may sound crazy but I wish I could, life would be so much simpler. I don't mean to sound hypocritical. Of course even feeling this way I still blow it all the time. But I'm aware of those times, and for that I thank God every day. I love your words, and the truth contained within. You have helped me name something that has plagued me.
And the person who witnessed to me from 13 to 17, when I finally cracked, never one time worried about our friendship even though he loved me dearly. There should never be a thing we cling to more than we cling to Him.

Karyn said...

And that was soooo long that I have this burning desire to apologize!!! Clearly you struck a chord.

Can I go to your dad's page too, or is like a guy thing? Did I mention I think your blog is very cool?

curious servant said...

I've enjoyed the last few posts quite a bit.

Thank you.

Oldhops said...

Yes Karen you can go too, but you are the only girl allowed.