Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Gratuitous Valentine's Day Post

We were made for relationships. Whether in the context of friendship, romantic dating and courtship, familial, or marital, relationships are the source of both our greatest joys and our most profound wounds. God Himself has always been in relationship before He even created us (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) - and has created us primarily to be in relationship with Him. This primary relationship with Him will then be expressed in relationships with others (see Matthew 22:36-40).

To understand the basis of relationships, especially male/female relationships, it's vital to understand roles. We live in a day and time where our God-given roles are no longer celebrated, but blurred and confused. But God Himself has given men and women specific roles to fulfill, roles that strengthen, bond, and compliment relationships.

Here is a teaching I recently gave on the subject:



Karyn said...

I listened to every word. I wish I could have had the visual with you and your wife, since it generated some chuckles!
I enjoyed your teaching, and appreciated especially the breakdown regarding submission. Always a tough one for wives.
Hope you and yours had a great Valentine's Day! Thanks for sharing your stuff.

samb said...

i wish i would of listened to this before I gave my talk tonight. i would of had something to say then

music.angel said...

cool...how did you post that? could you help me do that with mine from tonight on my blog?

van.diesel said...

Karyn: the visual for me was a picture of a light switch. Like I said, I'm generally pretty simple to operate. The visual for my wife of an airplane control panel - she's a bit more intricate. :-)

samb - that would have been awesome if you'd just played it back... or read a transcript. HA!

M.A. - no prob. I can show you how.

Jeremy said...

good words brother.