Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I Am a Huge Nerd

Is it just me, or did Google leave off the "L" in their customized Valentine's Day logo? What better way to say "Happy Valentine's Day" than "Googe"?



Marc said...

Obviously, it was a reverence to the English poet Barnabe Googe, not a glaringly stupid screw-up.

vandorsten said...

clearly, that is the case.

theRoyal said...

Old news dawg..

vandorsten said...

howyousay... covering one's backside?

Anonymous said...

all one would have to do is google "googe".

pretty ironical.

don't worry, DorStorm. i, myself was wondering yesterday why they'd left a letter out. i bet the guy who designs those google logos has a fun time. you'd probably like that job, wouldn't you?


vandorsten said...

good will - oh yes. you know this.

someday i may just be "that guy who designs the google banner graphics."