Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Camping and Wild Hosses

Camping is awesome. I went camping the weekend before last and am just now getting the smell of campfire out of my beard. Myself and 3 other dudes met up at Mt. Rogers, VA (incidently, the highest point of elevation in this fine state at over 5,700 ft.) I love the woods and the critters and the staring at the campfire for hours. I'm telling you, there's something to that nature stuff. No computers, no cell phone, no nothin'... just a lot of walkin and a lot of thinkin. Plus, you get to pump and purify your own water right out of a mountain stream. And build fires.

Now I've done my fair share of hikin and campin, but one of the coolest parts about this trip were the wild horses. That's right - wild horses. Well, technically, I guess they are wild ponies. Huh. Apparently, hundreds of wild ponies roam around the Mt. Rogers area. Who knew? One even tried to eat my shoe. No kidding.

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diddy.9000 said...

I don't believe this load of crap. That so-called "pony" was airbrushed into that picture. Everyone knows that ponies live in backyards of little 6 year-old girls who get them for Christmas. PEOPLE, WE HAVE A PATHOLOGICAL BLOGGER!