Monday, August 22, 2005

Reflections After a Week of Fatherhood

I've been an officially practicing Dad for a little over a week now. Here are some thoughts and things I've learned so far.
  • The birthing process is an incredible paradox. It's the only experience I can think of that I've simultaneously wanted to throw up and shout for joy at the exact same time. On one hand, it is just plain gross... but watching new life come into the world is nothing short of awesome.
  • Babies are strong. This lil' fella is seriously tough. Bounce 'em, toss 'em, swing 'em - they just keep on keepin' on. Not to mention the 17-hour trip down the birth canal and the trauma of learning to breathe air.
  • I am weak. It's amazing how helpless and even fragile I sometimes feel when helping take care of my son. Truly "God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong ... that no one could boast in the presence of God."
  • Apparently babies have uncharted hypnotic powers. You can stare for hours and not even realize it.
  • When driving in the car with a baby, every bump and pothole suddenly becomes a gaping chasm. You also assume any other vehicle going over 25mph is being driven by a raging maniac.
  • My wife is tired, wired, and more than a little moody. She's stretched out and sore in places she doesn't want to mention. She is more beautiful than ever.
  • Turns out nobody's really kidding about that whole "no sleep" thing.
Just some initial thoughts as I walk through the first few steps of fatherhood...


Kevin D. Hendricks said...

Good observations, and congrats on fatherhood. I checked out your blog after seeing your comment on Church Marketing Sucks. My wife and I are expecting our first child in January, and I imagine I'll be in for a similar schooling.

Marcus Neto said...

I laughed out loud at the whole sleep thing. Jen and I did not believe it and most people don't... until the little one arrives and you feel like you should be trying out for a role on Night of the Living Dead.

Congrats on making it through the whole birthing thing... for the record it is not any easier the second time through.... for the father at least. I almost fainted when they did the epedural on Jen the second time. Something about not having eaten and seeing a large needle going into your wife's spinal cord gives you tunnel vision.

It is amazing how resiliant and beautiful both mommy and child are after the whole debacle of childbirth. God is amazing.

Time for a infomercial.....

If you have not already gotten your house in order then do so. Get a will. I am constantly amazed at how much in denial people can be about death. Even us Christians. We talk about death all the time but it never occurs to us to plan for it. Get a will drawn up and sign it. Get some life insurance so your spouse is not left high and dry trying to make it on one income. There will be an immediate need for about $12,000-15,000 at death if there are no complications. Not to mention the trauma and whether they will be capable of going back to work. People don't really like Life Insurance until it delivers income replacement 1 week after the unexpected death of a loved one.

Infomercial over.....

Hey Jason.... how bout that Muconium?


van.diesel said...

Ugh. Muconium. *Shudder*

What I can't figure out is why they give such an eloquent name to poo.

Another point I didn't put on this blog is that you seem to talk about poo contantly. Color, consistancy, frequency, smell, etc. It's crazy.