Monday, October 03, 2005

Hike Colorado

I went to Colorado this weekend with a friend to visit my brother and do some hiking. If you like hikin' and you've never hiked the Rockies, you should probably drop everything and go right now. We took on Mt. Yale, which summits at 14,196 ft. above sea level. It was without a doubt the most difficult hike I'd ever done - as if the incline of a 'fourteener' wasn't rigorous enough in itself, the thin air at that altitude (and my own lack of conditioning) certainly made for one tough climb. It was, however, in a word - awesome.


Anonymous said...

jas, i would climb any mountain wit ya bradda!


van.diesel said...

Pig HOOOOOOOO! Yeah you would! What a bro!

(And yes, for those of you who asked, I did indeed take that photo from the summit of Mt. Yale!)

Whistler71 said...

I hike all of the time, however I live in the central NM mountain range so quite a difference! You have a very similiar face to my boyfriend.. I am scared. I will post a pic of him on my blog and let you be the judge!