Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Undo Jesus

Good one. Good for me to poop on.Words escape me. Good luck with that, friend.


G Cracka X said...

I checked out, and there's a line that says,
"the intent of this site is not to spread hatred for those who believe in Jesus as God."

So, with all due respect, how do you maintain consistency in putting that website on a sign along with the caption, "If Jesus returns, kill him again."?

theRoyal said...

jVD where is that image taken from?

Anonymous said...

I don't even know what to say about this one, except that it is scary that some people would believe what this site says. Very sad too. They've obviously not experienced true Chritianity, but I think that is true for alot of people unfortunately. They only see the "world's view" of Christianity.

van.diesel said...

GCX - dude, you are right on. i think you will further see the contradiction should you check out the site linked below... with my apologies. I think you'll quickly see that line about not spreading hatred is... um... not quite true.

royale wif cheese - the pic is of a dude called Darwin Bedford, the self-proclaimed "Atheist Messiah,
Ambassador of Reason, Destroyer of Faith, and Spiritual Reality Therapist". Or something. Bedford operates and other . The pic is from his site.

ang - word up.

Oldhops said...

What is kinda strange is that his chart could just hold the word Human Beings at the top and you would get the same results. I think that the reason people like this can say such blanket statements about how the world would be, is because it will never happen. They throw human nature to the side. I could say if everyone burned all the money and got rid of religion we would all live in peace. Sure, I guess. You first. Because it happened in some microcosm in a 1966 pot commune for 3 months doesn't mean that it would carry on for life. Human nature is very, very, very powerful.