Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Athiest's My Nightmare

I found two things today that make me embarrassed to be associated with certain aspects of Christian culture. Permit me, friends, a brief rant on said dos cosas:

1.) The first is a "Christian video sharing website" called GodTube. There have been points in history where the Church lead society (in a good way) in innovation and trend-setting ideas. Now we just follow it. Nigh everywhere, apparently. Okay, maybe GodTube is not that big of a thing to get worked up about, but I think it is symptomatic of the Christians' tendency to pull out of society and make our own exclusive clubs on the fringes. When I was in college, there was a particular Christian organization that had its own building on campus all to itself. I was involved with a different organization, and I remarked one day to a friend that I wished we had our own building too. I thought his answer profound: "The thing about building walls is that people tend to stay behind them."

2.) The second thing I found was a particular video on the aforementioned website. It is the only time in my life I have ever heard the sentence "Behold - the atheist's nightmare!" immediately followed by "Now, if you study a well-made banana..." As if this dynamite wordplay weren't enough, you get some questionable ...um... visual aid, as well. Worst. Apologetic. Ever.

My rant is over.


Clark said...

Yikes! I agree with you. Que verguenza.

vandorsten said...

The English language does not have this word, but the Argentines have a single word that basically means "I am embarrassed for you."

I wish I could remember that word.

goodwillhiking said...

the phrase you are thinking of, vandorsten, is "pena ajena" or "verguenza ajena".

goodwillhiking said...

it looks like there might be some good stuff on that site. but some other stuff...not so good.


que pena

vandorsten said...

Good Will - "ajena"... yesssss. that's the stuff.

and the video... oh mercy. God help you if you get THAT song stuck in your head.