Monday, March 20, 2006

Monopoly on Truth

In his debut post, my friend Good Will Hiking poses the question of religious plurality; that is, is there more than one way to God? Specifically, Will asks "...How do you respond to a Christian who believes that other faiths are valid ways to God--that Christianity isn't exclusive and Christians don't have a "monopoly on truth." Can this person be a Christian?"

Check it on out.


Diddy said...

Dearest VanDiesel,

I liked you better when you wrote your own material. You have gone the way of the Truitt. You know, "hey everyone, I'm posting more often now. And by posting, I mean giving you a link to someone else's site."

. . . but I love you anyway.

van.diesel said...

Dearest Diddy,

I liked you better when you actually answered the questions.

... but I love you anyway.

j truitt said...

dear diddy,
what the heck?

...and i don't love you. at all.

Karyn said...

Dear Everyone,
I found the post posted about an amazing question regardless of who asked, and your desire to put it out there in our world so worried with polical correctness brave.
I am narrow minded on the subject and have no problem saying so. There is no other way to salvation but Christ. Actually, it's not I but the One who loves us enough (why, I don't know) to provide this way to eternal life with Him who says it.
I am not narrow minded when it comes to people, however, and love many, share my life with many who don't feel the same way. But I certainly never stop praying for them. I refuse to judge but don't condone what doesn't feel right with my spirit. After I left my old church I began to see not every Christian had to fit some mold, and no one can judge the heart of man. But I have never come across scripture that says "hey, ya know, if this works for you then great, but if not try option b". I think sometimes confusion rears it's ugly head when we think all Christians, aside from this issue, have to be alike. I can say with all honesty that I've never met, in cyber space or elsewhere, the varied personalities in your circle, yet not for one minute have I doubted anyone's convictions.
Christ is the way, I don't believe in any other. And you know what? Sometimes the simplicity of it causes more confusion than any thing else! Thanks for bringing this to my attention, and did you answer the question?

goodwillhiking said...
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goodwillhiking said...

sorry, had to correct a typo before i posted this....

hi Karyn,
i assume you are commenting about the post on my blog?
i wanted to ask a couple of questions about your comments.

1. what do you mean by, "yet not for one minute have I doubted anyone's convictions"?

2. are you saying that a person cannot be a Christian if he believes that there are other ways to God (other than Christ) or that other religions are as equally valid as Christianity?

please feel free to reply on my blog. (you can copy and paste my questions from here).


Karyn said...

I promise this will be much shorter, and I'm sorry I have to answer here but I only have a group Blogger account, and none of my info is working to sign in.
What I meant about not doubting anyone's convictions is that Van gets many visits here from some who aren't the most pc, (I hate that term by the way) but love Christ deeply, and it shows!
As for the meat of the issue, I see God's mercy and grace as being far larger than misconceptions, immaturity or ignorance, but I don't see anywhere in Scripture mention of any other Savior.
I believe God takes our spiritual maturity into account, and only He knows the heart of men. I believe that seeing Christ as the only way is at the heart of Christianity, so if someone I knew said to me "I'm Christian but I believe you can get to heavan different ways" I'd wonder if they were really Christian. I do think we get to Christ many different ways and I've been humbled in my judgement of others.
When you start talking validity of other religions it gets tricky! I was widowed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks (sorry Van.Diesel, I know this is old info for you and i am taking up lots of space on your site!) and I'd wager that to anyone willing to kill themselves for what they believe it would have to be very valid to them! I don't want to judge someone for being different than I. However...I don't believe that there is salvation any other way but through Christ. Which would mean that even though to the one who practices a different religion that's valid to them, in the grand scheme of eternity no, it can't be "valid", if by "valid" you mean salvation. The many scriptures quoted on your site do not need to be repeated. There is no other way to the Father but through the Son.
I feel compelled to add that we do need to offer respect to all no matter what they believe. We are not better than anyone because of God's grace, yet I've seen time and again Christians treat others in shameful ways.
You picked a heck of a topic for a new blog!!!

Karyn said...

I'm sorry I lied about the being shorter part!

heyirishman said...

I believe that God CAN save someone who has not heard of Christ. But that doesn't give us the OPTION to seek salvation apart from Christ. We must be like the psalmist who said: "Lord my eyes are not haughty...neither do I consider matter too great for me." Leave salvation up to God, but leave evangalization to us (with God's help).

van.diesel said...

"I believe that God CAN save someone who has not heard of Christ. "

Irishman, I'm not sure i understand what you're trying to say here. Are you simply saying the possibility exists because God could do it if He wishes? Are you saying that He does do that? If so, can you provide an explanation with Scriptural basis?

heyirishman said...

It's more of a philospohical/theological principle. God can do anything he wants because he is God. Nothing is impossible with God. So, if God wants to save somebody who has never heard of Jesus from the time they were born to the time they die(hence not a Christian while alive on earth), then of course God can do that if he wants, because he is God.

Okay, from Scripture. Take Job. He never heard of Christ or Jesus. But Job we know was the most righteous man. Did God save Job? Yes. When Jesus died, he went to the abode of the dead, and introduced himself to the people that were there. Those who had lived moral lives and accepted him he brought to heaven.

The same can happen now. If Mr. remote Islander died without ever hearing of Jesus, but had lived according to the natural law, then God being just would give that person a chance to accept Christ. Why not?

The point I was trying to make is just because God can do this, doesn't mean we sit back and not tell the islander about Jesus. That would be wrong.

Hope this clears it up a bit. Let me know.

curious servant said...

I'll go take a peek.

Oldhops said...


and VanD your pretty cool too, for a fat chick.

wait I'm the not PC guy aren't I!? NNNNNOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo I thought it was Sam.

Karyn said...

Let's just say there were a couple of you that came to mind in the not pc catagory!
But who wants to be pc if it means always being a copy of your pew mate? I have witnessed the love of Christ abiding in the true selves of the non pc, non conformists, and am forever changed!
Seriously, I am more "me" than I've ever been, and still feel loved, that's new for me in lots of ways!
I hate the term, but enjoy those of you who fit the description!