Monday, November 07, 2005

Cutest. Baby. Ever.

A couple of you have asked for updates on lil' Caleb. I have to tell you - and I admit that I cannot do so impartially - that he is quite possibly the cutest baby. In the world. Ever. Prolly the smartest and the strongest too. He's 3 months old now, so he's starting to be really interactive which, speaking as a dad, is a blast and sometimes funny, too - like when he coos, or grins, or projectile vomits all over his babysitter.

I figure it's never too early for this guy to start earning his keep around here, so I'm working on his physical conditioning at the moment. Right now we're learning basic punch/kick combos, wrist locks and grappling manuevers (don't worry, though - mom provides plenty of softer, gentler nurturing ;-). But even she will admit that this little dude has a crazy kung-fu grip. I'm pretty sure he'll be walking soon. Maybe by next week. And then the week after that, we're going to start teaching him to read...


Karate Explosion said...

and if you are lucky i will teach him how to throw a football...tommorow

music.angel said...

Don't forget his eyes =) He has the most incredible, huge eyes. i'm going to be in trouble when he starts to talk...which i'm sure will be soon ;) ...b/c i think he could ask me for my car keys and i'd hand them right over. This babysitter doesn't even mind a little projectile vomit...he's just that wonderful of a baby =) But it does seem like yesterday we were at the hospital with you all. I can't believe he's 3 months. Wow.

i'll teach him "hail to the redskins" and get him a jersey after sam teaches him to throw a football tomorrow.

maw said...

vdhaw Of course he is the cutest baby in the world. It's inherited. He just takes after his grandma :)
And his dad is/was a bright young thing.
PS the projectile vomit is just payback

van.diesel said...

Ha! What do you mean "was"??!