Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Word of Thanks

Firstly, let me apologize for my absence there - life just hit a busy spurt. Also, I wanted to take a second to thank all of you who followed and commented on the transubstantiation posts. I'd like to especially thank David Wills and Damienc for their comments regarding the Catholic position. It has been a very enjoyable and worthwhile discussion. At the moment, we are continuing our discussion here, so feel free to check that out. Meanwhile, now that I've returned to the blogosphere :-) I hope to begin a new series of posts... check back soon.


Anonymous said...



J Truitt said...

Oh Nelly I can hardly wait!

music.angel said...

sweet. you certainly had a lively discussion going on about transubstantiation. looking forward to the next series of posts ;)

Oldhops said...

Hey man this is a favor request. I really like the way that you aproach the topics that are disscussed here and I would like to throw something out there that you could maybe run over. I was just discussing with a person about homosexuality. Not the stance of God on his views of sex and immorality, but the idea that God would allow someone to be born a homosexual. I asked him if he believed that the sins of the father are passed along. He was upset that a God would allow an innocent child to be inflicted with this. We also discussed the choice that everyone has to act on the feelings inside. Not only sexually but every feeling or desire one might have.
I guess i would like to here your thoughts on this matter concerning sexuality and the role of sin in the world. His main problem was that he said he felt sorry for this kid not hate. And I said that I don't hate him ither but that doesn't mean that I condone what he does. He felt like the kid has no choice but to act this way. I said that you can't onlyy look at this subject, what about retarded children, or deformed kids, or kids born with cancer, or with 2 sets or sexual organs. I have ideas about all of this, but I really want to stand on the word of God and not ideas about it.

Thanks for the help.

van.diesel said...

OldHops, I'd love to put some thought into this. Thanks for the suggestion.

damiencon said...

Come on now, let's be honest with one another. Is this conversation over? I have been waiting for quite a while for some kind of response. Then David Wills came on and gave such an impressive defense of the Catholic view that I was sure a response from Van Diesel would be forthcoming. You don't know me, but let me tell you that I am NOT into fighting. I just like a good converstaion. But this converstaion was just dropped. Sad.

Anyway, I wish you well and am sorry for the recent loss in your family. God bless,


van.diesel said...


Not only is this remark presumptious, it is desparaging. I would indeed like to continue the conversation, and am content to do so, though I must at this time do so at a more leisurely pace. My apologies if that does not suit you. And although I appreciate both your and Dave's ability to articulate the Catholic position, let me give you this piece of advice, friend - if ever you must choose between the two, do not waste time arguing doctrine while those around you are perishing without Christ.

damiencon said...

Van diesel, I don't mind a leisurely. But, it would have been nice to know that you had a leisurely pace in mind. All you had to do was say it. But, I have to say, I was really beginning to wonder (and perhaps others were too) if you forgot about this conversation...especially since other posts were being added to your page. I am sorry if it seemed like I was disparaging.

BTW: I try to do my best to bring people to Christ. You will have to believe me on that one :)

damiencon said...

Van Diesel...I thought about what I wrote to you and wish to apologize. I guess, blogging is in some respects like driving. You can end up honking your horn or speeding up and flashing your lights very easily, if someone rubs you the wrong way on the road. I saw no post from you in a while dealing with our topic, but saw other posts, and I reacted impolitely. I am sorry. I do realize that this is your blog and I want to respect that.

For me the topic of the Blessed Eucharist is so important...and I love to discuss it. I also want to come to a better understanding of what you believe.

But, for now, I will be content with the leisurely approach, not forgetting the paradoxical words of St. Paul: "let us RUN with PATIENCE." :)

My apologies again,


van.diesel said...

Damienc, apology accepted, with thanks. I do appreciate your conviction and passion for the subject. Although we may not agree point-for-point, it is refreshing to dialogue with someone who can intelligently articulate their convictions and beliefs without simply taking offense.