Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Okay... Although my purpose on this blog is not to create controversy, it looks like I'm about to jump into another controversial subject. At least 3 individuals have recently pointedly asked me my opinion on Christians drinking alcohol. If you're not a Christian and you're checking this out, the following posts may just be funny to you, but for many Christians, this can be a big issue.

I got an email from a good friend a couple weeks ago that expressed - quite well - the sentiment of several other conversations I've recently had. My friend says:

    I was wondering what you think about the issue of Christians drinking alcohol. The past few years, I have been faced with backing up my own position in the face of adversity from close Christian friends. I do have a strong opinion, but sometimes wonder if it is a conviction from God or if my view is clouded because of what has happened in my own life. With the ever-increasing amount of people around me choosing to partake, I am seeking Biblical counsel from one I know really seeks God.

    I should say that your opinion won't have an impact on my choice to abstain, but I would like to have a better idea of how to speak to my friends on the issue.

    Anything you've studied would be helpful - thanks!
This letter prompted me to really articulate how I see this issue as a disciple of Christ, and I think this is a worthy subject to come to terms with as you walk with Christ. In my thinking - and more importantly, in accordance with Scripture as I understand it - the issue is fairly black & white, although there are several factors to consider. I will share these in greater detail over the next several posts. The specific factors I will look at are: what does the Bible say about alcohol? What does it mean for my witness (my interaction with non-Christians)? What does it mean for my brothers (my interaction with fellow Christians)?

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Karate Explosion said...

ahhh the fine line between drinking and being a christian...

I do think it is funny, only because alot of people tend to think that if you are a christian, then automatically you musnt partake in anything that would be deemed "unbibical", when in fact there is no real scriptural basis for what they are talking about...

However with drinking...you have to ask yourself a couple of questions. What is the point? Or the purpose? And where does "Drinking" begin and "getting lit" end?

The other issue alot of christians struggle with is, immediatly they equal drinking with getting drunk, when in most cases thats not true. Time and time christians are warned not to be controlled by strong drink, and that is obviously an issue. SO it comes down to where does one stand with what scriputre say. Not there own interperetaion, but rather where do they stand with what it says...For me, having a drink isnt a bad thing, but i had stipulations. I wont do it in public, or around people who dont know me. If there are 50 people in a room who know me not to be a drunk, and 1 who doesnt, I wont drink...ever. I also dont do it to the point of "buzzing" although I have been drunk before. Anyways, i think this is the longest I have ever written...in my life. Now the question is what do we do with the scripture that reads,

"thou shalt not drink milk."

music.angel said...

yes sir mr. van.daddy...this will be a good conversation i'm sure.

i think sam poses a good question in asking "what's the point?". It's sad that even Christians will drink to 'forget the problems of their day'. If we're relying on anything other than Christ to lighten our burdens it's not right and dangerous. It's also amazing that the Bible says "do not be drunk" and still people argue with it. Do they argue with "do not murder" or "do not steal"? So now I have people try to convince me theirs a difference in getting a 'buzz' and 'getting drunk'. In asking what's the point i think it reveals a lot, and many times requires re-thinking on the subject.

Yes indeed. This will be a good series of posts.