Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Animals are Gay

officially out of the closetThe birds and the bees may be gay, according to the world's first museum exhibition about homosexuality among animals.

With documentation of gay or lesbian behavior among giraffes, penguins, parrots, beetles, whales and dozens of other creatures, the Oslo Natural History Museum concludes human homosexuality cannot be viewed as "unnatural".

"We may have opinions on a lot of things, but one thing is clear -- homosexuality is found throughout the animal kingdom, it is not against nature," an exhibit statement said.

This is the worst argument I've ever heard for homosexuality. If you don't want to read the whole article, I'll give you my one-line synopsis: since certain bugs and animals exihibit homosexual behavior, it's natural and okay that humans do as well.

I wonder if gay folks would be offended by the kind of logic presented by this exhibition. This guy makes a good point, though:
Obviously, animals do many things (such as mate in public, lick their own genitals, use the bathroom in public, murder and even eat their own) ... and we do not base our morals and standards of conduct on what we see animals doing. However, there is something kind of humorous in the way that the press has now equated gay people with penguins, giraffes, beetles, and whales.


Allie said...

I think that dude makes a good point that connecting animal behavior to human behavior is not always responsible or revealing. Obviously. But, homosexuality is a tough issue. The Bible certainly appears to talk about it as though it is sinful. But I wouldn't say that makes it "unnatural". Because, I think sin is natural to us as humans. To try to brand homosexuality as being especially more sinful or less sinful than other sins is kind of unfair. I think that neglecting the poor is mentioned far more often and as a far more serious offense throughout the entire Bible, compared to the handful of passages that speak about homosexuality. Yet, somehow Christians are often identified not by how they address the poor or reach out in love, but by their views on homosexuality and abortion. Sad.

van.diesel said...

Allie - that is an excellent statement with which i completely agree. There are all these "hot-button" issues that are often fought only in the social/political arena (homosexuality, abortion, etc.) while sins and struggles of equal gravity are either swept under the proverbial rug or outright ignored.

In reality, these outward manifestations in whatever form - be it homosexuality or ignoring the poor - are the topical symptoms revealing the nature of our hearts.

diddy said...

In Europe, fags are just cigarettes.

Allie said...

DIDDY: I just spit out my water

goodwillhiking said...

one interesting bit:

"Still, it is unclear why homosexuality survives since it SEEMS a genetic dead-end." (emphasis mine)

what does that mean, that animals just might make a baby with the same sex if they keep trying (for millions of years)?

but the real question posed is the best point in the article. why would evolution give us homosexuality??? is it likely that it would? here, apparently, the facts must be made to fit the theory. not vice versa.

this is science (today).

van.diesel said...

will - your kung fu is good.

Anonymous said...


Rom. 1:26-27

Anonymous said...

that was theRoyal btw.