Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Happy Anniversary

Best. Wife. Ever.

Dearest wife, I cannot remember what life was like without you.

I do not wish to.

Thank you for being the voice of love and wisdom in my life. You show me Christ in so many ways.


the Royal said...

"...what life was like without you..."

I caught a glimpse of this as my wife was away for a week. I couldn't operate or function. And things just began to fall apart. I hear you man...and aside for the hookers and booze, life without the female sucked.

van.diesel said...

happy wife makes happy life, friend. you probably should not mention the hookers or booze to her.

music.angel said...

i like this picture. i took this picture. i think. =) i know i was there though ;)

van.diesel said...

i am pretty sure either you or m. took this... either way, it is one sweet shot of two sweet babies!